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no thoughts just blue period and kita shinsuke

about me !

names : aijou/ai/rice
she/her | 18歳↑ | eng/fil/日本語少しだけ
name of goldfish in icon is sui
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗᕕ( ᐕ )ᕗ

important !

Do not steal/trace/recolor/use my works.can i use your art as twitter ic/hd?
yes sure! please credit @aijousketches on your profile.
can i repost your art?
can i save your art
you may save and use as mobile wallpaper with permission. commissions may not be used for this unless you are the client.
DO NOT USE MY ART FOR AI LEARNINGI do not support or do NFT.
My artworks (personal, zine, commissions) may not be reused for any purpose. Do not use my art to represent anything related to NFT.
I currently do not sell my artworks as prints/etc (i hope to set up a shop or inprnt soon!) and I will never sell it as NFT. If you find my artworks being sold, please immediately report that post or tell me. Thank you.DNI if you promote/do NFT/Blockchain/support AI technology that uses stolen art. Unless you want to be converted to anti-NFT and anti-theft, then I am willing to send useful links to educate you on how it is a scam.

art faq !

digital art
what program do you use?
what gadget do you use?
11" ipad pro 2018
what brushes do you use?”
> default brushes from procreate
(e.g I have 4 round brushes with different opacity taper settings)
> Mateusz Urbanowicz brushes!!
consider leaving a tip, it’s sincerely worth it!
how long does it take to render a drawing?
anywhere from 1h to 24h

traditional artwhat media do you use?
watercolor and inks! i used to do acrylic and oil painting
but i find wc/ink more convenient with my set up.
what brands do you use?inks:
> dip ink: black Deleter #5, #6 / white Deleter #1, #2
> brush pens (random ones from sekaido)
> technical pens: uni/micron
> copic markers
nibs: Zebra G nib, Nikko spoon, Tachikawa mapping nibholders: Tachikawa 40 nib holder, Deleter comic pen nib holderpapers: 200+gsm hard pressed watercolor paper, any brand
(i like maruman but theyre hard to come by/i only buy them in japan)
> winsor&newton (studio and cotman)
> daler rowney aquafine
> holbein
> and a few stray paint tubes from other brands
how long does it take to render a drawing?
i have no idea...papers don't have timers (lol)


名前 : あいじょう/愛/米
女性 | 18歳↑ | eng/fil/日本語少しだけ
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗᕕ( ᐕ )ᕗ


はい、いいです!bioに @aijousketches を付けるください。
❌ NFT/転載/トレース
AI学習等禁止 デジタルアート
11" ipad pro 2018